“Escape into the woods”

How fortunate I feel when I can find the time to slip away for a quick hike up drinking horse mountain.  I can free myself into nature, exercise myself and the dogs, and be home all within 55 minutes. There are two ways you can go up the small mountain.  The long winding way with several switch backs or the quick straight up way with few switch backs.  If I’m racing against the clock, which is what I’m doing most days, then I take the straight up trail. I can drive to drinking horse, hike (at a good pace) for 35 minutes, and drive home right under the hour.  For those of you visiting Bozeman for the first time, this is a great “must do” hike.  The views are gorgeous, the wild flowers glorious, and it is so very easy to get to.  One thing we hear a lot from vacationers in Bozeman is how easy it is to get places.  Whether you going downtown shopping or escaping to the woods, it is all within a few minutes from each other.  If you have more time and like to linger on your hikes, we have the popular college “M” trail right across the street from drinking horse.  You can do the famous loop up to the M and back or continue on the trail for miles and miles of outdoor adventure.

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