Sidetracked at Sidewinders

Some much needed advice for our vacation home guests:

If you need to be sidetracked with a feel good pizza stuffed pretzel and a cold crisp beer, then Bozeman’s Sidewinders is your next “go to happy place”.  Jason and I were just there last night for a quick date night ritual.  I order my usual “Ivan the terrible” nitro- which really packs a punch.  Jason orders the “Midas Crush” IPA from the local Map brewery.  However, we really get sidetracked when the warm crisp, buttery on the outside, yet gooey melted mozzarella cheese with pepperoni on the inside, makes it’s way to our table.  There are very few food dishes that I get a real craving for, but this cheese bomb is one of them.  The pizza pretzel with over 76 beers on tap to choose from really makes for the perfect combination and for a happy place sidetracked kind of date!

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